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Hope Again Collective is where beautiful handmade earrings tell the stories of brave women who have walked through miscarriage or infant loss. 

A percentage of each pair purchased is donated to give women experiencing miscarriage practical resources in their grief journey.

About the Founder

Rachel Lohman started making earrings as an outlet for the anxiety she carried while being pregnant after the loss of her first child. The earrings were cute and fun, and friends started requesting to purchase them off of her Instagram. But something more was stirring in her heart as she made each pair of earrings. 

A lover of stories who began writing news articles for fun as a 7-year-old, Rachel got the idea one July day: what if these earrings could tell stories of women who've walked through some of life's hardest seasons and found hope again?

Rachel has been there. In 2017, she and her husband Mark lost their first baby to miscarriage. Almost overnight, an overwhelming journey of grief and wrestling match with hope ensued. While miscarriage impacts 1 in 4 pregnancies, most women feel alone in their experience. After Rachel shared her miscarriage story publicly, she was amazed at how many women of all ages and backgrounds came forward with their own stories of grief and finding the road to hope again. 

Since then, Rachel has been passionate about empowering women to share their stories, and holding their hands as they find hope again. She is currently authoring her first book about finding hope after miscarriage, set to release September 2023. 

And that's how Hope Again Collective was born. 

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